SIMPLE Barber shop

Barbershops have been known in the past as important places for socializing and social dialogue. We like to say that barbers are public forums on today´s issues and the challenges of modern times, which also play a big role in shaping the identity of men. In the past, all hairdressers were considered as barbers. Today, the term “barber” is used as a professional title applying to hairdressers, which specializes in male hair and beards.

SIMPLE barber shop is a hair salon designed exclusively for male clients. This is a place where guys and men can treat themselves. Everything in the room is reserved for them only, from music, to products, interior, magazines, etc. Hairdressers are really specialized in male hair styles in beard design. For nostalgics who want to experience shaving beard like in mafia movies with a real razor, is now possible in SIMPLE barbershop.





SIMPLE barber shop
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Sojer d.o.o.
Tržaška cesta 116, 1000 Ljubljana
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