A brief History

In 1996 the first activities for the construction of a shopping centre in Maribor began. Following the promising results of market research and the appropriate location, it was decided that a new shopping centre for the entire region, following new, internationally renowned shopping criteria, Will be built. On 23rd October 1998 the foundation stone was officially laid and the construction began. After only 11 months the major construction work (24th September 1999) was completed.

After a total of only 22 months of construction, which have been considered as a Slovenian record, on 23rd August 2000 Europark opened its door, being the largest and friendliest shopping centre in Slovenia at that time. Up to September 2004 over 20 million customers arrived which lead to making important expansion plans for the shopping centre. The construction work for the expansion of Europark started on 21st June 2006, when we laid the foundation stone.

3 grand openings of the expanded Europark

The first opening took place on 21st March 2007. We opened the long-awaited 6000 m2 large extension part with 28 new and renovated shops. Customers and visitors enjoyed the varied offer of superior products and services offered by internationally renowned brands. We also arranged a unique children’s park »Magic world« at the Food court on the ground floor. While parents take care of shopping, children can have fun in the company of kings, queens, magic trees, slides and bridges.
The second opening took place on 9th July 2007 when Europark gained 14 new world-known brands. Some of them came to Maribor for the first time and could not be bought anywhere else in Slovenia.
The third opening of the expanded Europark took place on 23rd August 2007 when over 60 million euros in investment made the largest and most popular shopping centre in North-East Slovenia even more attractive, offering more than 40.000 square metres of sales area.

The offer from previous 65 shops, restaurants and bars reached the number 119. Some brands were introduced for the first time, not only in Maribor, also in Slovenia as well.

Renovation of the parking garage

In 2011 we completely renovated our parking garage to assure simpler and more efficient parking, easierorientation for the customers and better traffic flow. The new arrangement of the garage follows the example of the most modern shopping centres in Europe. We used an innovative and technology-based parking system that shows vacant/occupied parking spaces and has one-way traffic flow. Each parking floor has its own colour for easier orientation and an additional entrance and exit have been arranged.

From its beginning until today, Europark has become the most popular shopping centre in the north-eastern part of Slovenia.  About half a million customers visits us every month. Europark also plays an important role in providing employment, as with the renovation and expansion the number of people working at the shopping centre has reached the number around one thousand.

We are proud to unite under one roof all the best brands and trademarks that mean someting, not only in Europe but around the world.