Coffee shop Ginger

Ginger Cafe boasts with a sophisticated ambience and friendly service. You can taste different types of top plantation coffee from well-known coffee roasting mill La Piantagioni del Caffe where you also get served with top quality local and French wines, fresh natural drinks and sandwiches. They have a concept; what you try, you can buy for home. They have implemented the same concept on top dishes of eminent French manufacturer DeBuyer, on certified unique boards’ Dile za darile “and designer’s electrical appliances Casa Bugatti – you can have it all for home!

While enjoying excellent coffee, and browsing on free WIFI, you can get selected item wrapped as a gift.

Welcome to the place of pleasure.

031 754 169
Hoga d.o.o.,
Koroška ulica 78, 2000 Maribor
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