s.Oliver is much more than just a fashion label, as its products shape the individual and the family’s way of life, considering at the same time their wants and needs. Fashion thus reflects the spirit of the times we live in. In the s.Oliver store customers can choose between the clothing lines s.Oliver and s.Oliver DENIM, which offer clothes, shoes and accessories for the whole family and all ages. The fashion label s.Oliver is distinguished by recognisable lines, creativity, dynamics and future orientation. S.Oliver is fashion for everybody, clothes for every day and for all occasions. This is their mission and the secret to their success. The fashion line s.Oliver DENIM is trendy and urbane. The accent, as the name already tells us, is set on jeans products, but of course the collection also offers clothes that are worn with jeans: T-Shirts with fascinating prints, pullovers and cardigans. Each fashion line has twelve collections per year, so the newest trends are assured. Collections flow seamlessly into one another, making it simple to complete your wardrobe. Fashion accessories like purses, belts, wallets, headscarves, scarves and shoes make your styling perfect.

s.Oliver – „WE ARE FAMILY“

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