Europark Maribor / Dog Villa

Dog Villa

While shopping, visitors can leave their four-legged friends in a comfortable, clean and safe place, a Dog Villa, at Entrance 2.

The room is air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter to make your pets feel as comfortable as possible in it.

Using a Dog Villa is easy: dog owners need to download the Den4Dogs app to check the availability of the nearest villa.
With the help of the application, first escort the dog into the room, close the door and wait until the lock activates. When you are done shopping, use the app to open the door again and greet your four-legged friend.

A Dog Villa is intended for short-term use and the recommended time is one hour. Worrying about someone feeding, harassing or even taking your dog away is now a thing of the past.



  • Just warm
    The villa has a temperature sensor that switches on at 21°C and maintains a constant temperature of 21–23°C even on a hot summer day. It also has floor heating, which switches on at temperatures below 5°C. The indoor temperature is displayed on the screen above the door.
  • Hygienic
    A UVC lamp has been built in to destroy 99.9% of microorganisms after each use, and regular cleaning is also carried out by employees of the store in front of which it is placed.
  • Developed with help from experts
    The development involved veterinarians, experienced dog owners, Norwegian kennels and other dog experts from 11 private and public organisations in Scandinavia.
  • Spacious and comfortable
    It is designed to suit most breeds in terms of size (H × D × W = 110×107×70cm) and ventilation grids provide fresh air.
  • Secure
    Non-slip floors, no sharp edges, and only safe materials have been used in the development.
  • Easy to use
    You can open it using the Den4Dogs app.