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Find your shine at a children's party

Find your shine at a children’s party

At Europark, we organise some special adventures for the youngest visitors as well.

We’re talking about the corner for face painting and hairstyling, as well as free kids tattoos, between 10am and 1pm and 4pm and 6pm on Saturday, 3 September.

The afternoon at 4:30pm brings the world of imagination for the youngest by Romana Kranjčan, while princess Zala and knight Rok will take them to the world of fairytales with their show at 5:15pm. You are welcome to join a mirror workshop after the show on the upper floor in front of the Ginger restaurant.

A happy day for princess Zala is approaching – her wedding day, but what to do when she doesn’t love the prince. Her wish triggers an ancient spell only a true love can break. Children, if you help the princess, you will be invited to a true wedding!